Welcome to SaltPepperSavor! I started baking and cooking at young age with all of the incredible women in my family. Watching my Gramma bake absolutely everything...the most delicious bread and pies, and cookies for every holiday (or necessary moment!), I paid attention and learned that if anything, cooking simply soothes the sole when you need it and allows for creative downtime.  
As I've grown up I have learned to pay attention to quality organic ingredients and a balance of a healthy lifestyle and some indulgent treats in between.  I have been known to have a carrot stick in one hand and a freshly baked double-chocolate-chip cookie in the other :)  Balance...right?!?   I love to entertain with friends and find any excuse to make something delicious.  I hope to share a mix of healthy everyday recipes...simply made for a busy lifestyle, and scrumptious delights closer to that double-chocolate-chip-cookie or my Gramma's Cinnamon Bread.  

I hope you enjoy!